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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Israeli Arabs disagree with Jews on Obama's support for Israel, agree he's Muslim

A final post on the New America poll that's been taking up lots of space on the blog today: Steve Clemons kindly sent over the survey's cross-tabs, which include the smallish (160-person) sample of Israeli Arabs.

As suggested, their responses push Obama's numbers upward in various categories: For instance, 68% of them say he "supports Israel," as opposed to just 42% of the total number.

And they have a somewhat more favorable view of the American president, with 46% of them viewing him favorably, as opposed to 41% of a total sample.

But in other regards, their responses aren't all that different from their fellow Israelis, and don't alter the results all that much from a poll of Israeli Jews. For instance, 46% of Israeli Arabs surveyed said they thought Obama is "naive" -- more than the Israeli Jews who think that. And 37% of Israeli Arabs (of whom about three quarters were Muslim) said that Obama is well-described as a Muslim, much like the 39% of Israeli Jews who said that.

Complicated place.

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