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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The tweet that saved Israel's Yes satellite firm NIS 10m

It seems Yes's senior VP-Content, Yona Weisenthal, is a big fan of Twitter. The direct contact that the 140-character messaging service affords him with journalists and customers even saved his company NIS 10 million, he said.

"I recently wrote on Twitter that we're considering changing our budget for children's productions. The financial results of that tweet was a NIS 10 million saving for Yes," he said yesterday, speaking at the annual Rosh Pina Festival.

"We created no small amount of noise with that tweet. If I had said the same thing in a newspaper, it's not certain that people would be quoting me, and then giving me a response from the other side," Weisenthal said.

Wiesenthal, who tweets under the user name yonaweisenthal, was speaking during a discussion on how companies can make use of Twitter.

"I use Twitter for business purposes. It's a way of communicating with journalists. Once, journalists would be doing me a favor if they wrote or didn't write about me, and now I have a very comfortable way of contacting them," he said.

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