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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Policemen charged with abusing Palestinian detainee

Four Israel Police officers were indicted on Sunday for allegedly abusing a Palestinian detainee, arrested on suspicion of having stolen a motorcycle.

The four were charged with abusing a helpless person, indecent act, aggravated assault, fraud and breach of trust.

The four were arrested last week over suspicions that they assaulted and abused the Palestinian detainee late last month. The Police Investigation Department has asked to extend the suspects' remand until after the court proceedings against them.

According to preliminary suspicions, the officers allegedly abused Alan Abu-Nadjma after arresting him in connection with a motorcycle theft in the city.

On December 30, Abu-Nadjma allegedly stole an expensive Tel Aviv motorcycle, later calling the owner in the purpose of extorting money from him.

After the owner contacted police, officers then, posing as the motorcycle's owner, set up a meeting with Abu-Nadjma in Hebron to exchange the money for the motorcycle.

Some of the arresting officers, according to the victim's testimony, hurled cigarette butts and ashes at him, with one of them allegedly urinating on him while others placed bananas and cream on his head.

In addition, Abu-Nadjma said another officer inserted the barrel of his gun into his backside, as well as punching and kicking him.

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