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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Issue of a Nuclear Israel

(Israel Twitter)Israel are wars of intended genocide. Israel had nuclear warheds in 1973. A genocidal minded Egyptian attack in 1973- the Yom Kippur War - was going so well for the Arabs that it caused Moshe Dayan to declare that he will be responsible for Israel's demise. Even so, the use of nuclear weapons was never act upon by Israel. Israel never activated any of its nuclear arsenal but choose to fight conventionally and despite large losses, turn the war around. That proved that even with a dagger at Israel's throat it would not unleash a atamic attack.
The only reason they WMD- gas and Biological - were not used by Arabs in wars with Israel was Israel's nuclear threat. Just as the US warned Saddam that the use of gas would bring a atamic response.

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