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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ramon Airbase

(Israel Twitter)Ramon Airbase (Hebrew: בסיס חיל-האוויר רמון‎, Basis Hayil-HaAvir Ramon, lit. Ramon Air Force Base) is an Israeli Air Force base southwest of Beersheba, near the town of Mitzpe Ramon. Also titled Kanaf 25 (Hebrew: כנף 25‎, lit. Wing 25), it was formerly known as Matred. It was built as the result of joint Israeli and US government funding as part of the IAF's redeployment out of its bases in the Sinai after the peninsula was handed over to Egypt following the 1978 Camp David Accords. Its current commander is Col. Ziv Levi.


113th Squadron – operating AH-64D
119th Squadron – operating F-16I
190th Squadron – operating AH-64
201st Squadron – operating F-16I
253rd Squadron – operating F-16I

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