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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Egyptian Newspaper Praises ‘Israel’s Superman’, Mossad Director Dagan

Sometimes, words of praise can come from unexpected sources, which is the case in this report, with Egypt’s al-Ahram newspaper referring to Mossad Intelligence Agency Director Meir Dagan as “Israel’s superman”, crediting the Mossad with last week’s motorcycle bomb blast in Tehran that claimed the life of a senior Iranian nuclear physicist.

YWN-Israel reported on the mysterious bomb attack which claimed the life of Professor Masud Mahammadi, a senior lecturer affiliated with Tehran University and according to American intelligence assessments, plays a major role in Iran’s ongoing nuclear program.

The newspaper praises Dagan’s successes, including the elimination of the deputy Hizbullah commander, Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus, the bombing attack against the Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007, and last year’s bombing of a weapons convoy in Sudan, weapons intended for Hamas in Gaza.

In the meantime, Israel remains silent and there has been no comment from Jerusalem officials following last week’s bomb attack in Tehran, with some Iranian officials pointing a finger of blame at Israel.

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